Do you often feel unappreciated and exhausted at the end of the day?

Aren’t you tired of feeling frustrated? Want to feel calmer so you respond to your kids... instead of reacting to them or yelling at them? 




Hi, I’m Dawn Pensack.
I have worked with hundreds of families over the last thirteen years as an Educator and EFT Practitioner. I’ve seen families who were on the brink of divorce, terrible sibling rivalry, daily bouts of screaming and yelling, and parents (and kids) who genuinely didn’t like being home. And… I’ve seen many of these families transform into a peaceful place where they laughed, loved, and
thrived (together!).

When you work with me, you’re not hiring a person who has never struggled with family unhappiness herself. You’re not hiring someone who is giving you advice that she googled the day before. When you work with me, you can walk away knowing that every piece of advice you receive is customized to reflect your family needs so YOU can achieve the family happiness you crave.

 And guess what?  Family happiness may be closer than you think.

It can be YOURS. 

It starts with YOU. What you THINK, how you ACT, and what you BELIEVE.

Retrain your THOUGHTS

Drastically improve your life in as little as 5 minutes a day.


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