You don't have to be such a Stressed Out Teacher.

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Stressed. Overwhelmed. No BALANCE.

Heavy Workloads, Long Workdays, not enough TIME, emotional strain, crippling pressure to do it ALL ... and NO Work/Life Balance

Then the THOUGHTS start creeping in...

"Did I make the right choice?"

"Am I cut out for this?"

"Can I really last for 25 years?"

"Is THIS worth it?"


And you wonder.... "CAN I EVEN DO THIS?"

It hurts. You worked so hard to get to this place. You went to school. You studied. You survived Student Teaching. And along the way, you met some incredible teachers and students who made you realize, "YES. YES I CAN!"

What you need in order to be a ROCKSTAR Teacher  is actually pretty SIMPLE.

I'm sure you've realized it by now, but just because you're a teacher, doesn't mean the students in your class will automatically LISTEN to you ... and actually learn something.  Right?

So how can you set them up for LEARNING? 

Help them get into the "Learning Mode"? 

Create a classroom of CONNECTION & Community.

Because your students NEED connection and belonging to be in the Learning Zone, the place where their brains are able to retain and process information. 

And listen, I totally get it.

You may be thinking... 'But HOW? I can't even figure out how to submit my lesson plans on time and get my grading done... is this ANOTHER thing I have to do??? UGH"

Listen - it all starts with YOU.


Your "okay-ness" directly affects how safe your students feel. It impacts their comfort level in taking RISKS, in trying NEW things, in sharing ideas... and the real learning happens when students are CONNECTED and engaged in their learning.  They have to be active participants in the whole process.  And to get this buy-in from them, YOU have to set the tone.



And guess what... 

The tools you need are right HERE.


So... WELCOME to 'The Calm & Resilient Teacher' Community!


No more hours researching the BEST resources out there - the tools that actually WORK.


No more wasted time with defeating thoughts... questioning your decision to be a teacher. 


You've come to the right place. And we're so glad to be a part of your Teaching Journey!


A few years ago, while struggling with a premature baby and the demands of teaching, I started getting SICK.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You're in the right place to get back on track.

Find Calm. Find COMMUNITY. Find Balance.

And be the teacher everyone loves, remembers, and who leaves a BIG Impact on the lives of many!


Check out this video of Dawn (certified EFT Practitioner and former teacher), using EFT/Tapping to help teachers ditch their stress. Follow along, ditch some stress, and FEEL better! Check it out.

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