I Provide Organizations with Personalized Wellness Experiences to Create a Culture of Health, Connection, and Creativity.

Bring a Revolutionary Wellness Experience to Your Organization

My name is Dawn Pensack and I have over a decade of experience teaching, training, and facilitating wellness experiences.

I help organizations support their employees by providing them with customized wellness programs and community experiences so that their employees thrive and feel more connected to themselves, each other, and the greater vision.

After leaving my career as a middle school math teacher due to stress (burnout), I became passionate about helping solve the issue of employee burnout so that ambitious professionals can thrive doing the work they love.

Personally, I know how powerful stress management and emotional wellness can be for an individual, their family, and their career. Without it, people leave jobs they love, lose their health & vitality for life, and relationships are strained (sometimes irreparable). Leaving my career as a teacher was one of the hardest things I've ever done - I LOVED the school I worked at - but I had to figure out how to get my health back on track. 

It's no secret that emotionally healthy employees are more engaged, collaborative, and creative when they have resources, support, and guidance for managing their stress. They also are much more likely to stay at an organization where they feel supported and cared for. Stress isn’t something anyone can escape (and they don’t need to!). Stress can be an asset when effectively managed.

Let’s partner to create an experience where your employees feel seen, valued, supported, and cared for so that they’re happier, healthier, and more productive than ever before!

Want to Create a Culture of Wellness & Community?

Your Employees do NOT Need More Information

Many of your employees have already researched endless ways to manage stress, feel better at work and improve their health and relationships.

They don't need more RESOURCES.
Information ONLY has power when it's actually implemented. 
What your employees really need is a Culture of Wellness and a Community where they feel seen and cared for and can create personal and professional routines and practices that support and nourish their minds and bodies. 
They need a culture where their emotional wellness is a priority.
And an environment where they feel like they BELONG and are contributing to a greater mission.
A place where they feel CONNECTED, SUPPORTED, and ACCEPTED for who they truly are.
And it's up to you to create a workplace where basic needs are met and your employees can THRIVE. 

Let's Show Your Employees How Much You Really Care About Them

Bringing Workplace Wellness to your Team and Employees reduces the health risks of chronic stress, reduces illness related costs, and helps create an environment where people THRIVE.


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3 Unique Ways to Bring Wellness & Community to Your Organization TODAY

Learn 3 Ways you can create a customized Wellness Experience for your employees so that they can THRIVE doing the work they love.