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Dream, Believe, BE


Hello hello! My name is Dawn and I want to help you believe you can live your dream life - finding fulfillment and balance in your career and family.

So, you want it ALL, huh?

You want the career, the happy family, some time for yourself, and an overall sense of peace & happiness? WOO HOO! You've come to the right place!

Ever dream about a 'different' life? One with happier kids, more home-cooked meals, more conversations, less fighting, fewer yelling matches, more hugs & kisses... and just WAY more love?  As a busy mom, do you feel torn between soccer games, swim meets, drive-thru lines, and an overwhelming list of things to do?   
Part of you is torn between feeling grateful for your family and kids (when they're actually behaving!)... and wanting to PLOW forward in your career and move up the ladder fast.  You've been working HARD and really don't want to slow down too much to raise happy, successful little humans. 
But the other side of you KNOWS that the days are short and the years go by sooo fast.  So you have this conversation constantly going through your head about feeling guilty because you feel you just CAN'T do both ... or at least you can't do both WELL.
So, you feel stuck... spinning your wheels.  But one day, things will be different. One day when your kids are sleeping through the night, potty-trained, off to college, out of the house... THEN, you can focus on what you want. 
Listen here, while we go through so many different stages of our life and yes, you may have to shift gears a bit when you decided to birth little humans, you do NOT have to sacrifice one part of your life so that the other excels.  What you dream about... you CAN have.  And I'm here to help. EFT is a tool that can help you reprogram your brain and your LIFE for a whole new reality.  Because what we THINK impacts how we FEEL, and how we FEEL affects what we DO, and what we DO affects what happens in our life.
EFT (or commonly known as Tapping) is often referred to as "Psychological Acupressure". It works by releasing blockages within the energy system that often cause negative emotions or physical pain. These disruptions in our energy system can cause us stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues but can also result in beliefs we have about who we are (limiting beliefs) that may contribute to lack of confidence, low self- esteem, anxiety, depression, or unusual behaviors. Also, since stress is the underlying component for 75% - 90% of all doctor visits (and numerous illnesses!), it is critical to have a tool to effectively manage it. EFT can help discover the root cause of stress (and other emotional challenges) to allow our body to process it.  And ultimately, allows our body to release it! This empowers us to live a happier, healthier life.  

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Stressed out to HAPPY Mom!

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